Common Arc Flash Deaths

Arc Flash Deaths

Unfortunately Arc Flash Deaths are Very Possible

Arc Flash Deaths and injuries are very common. Even if the employee survives, he or she may face years medical treatment, and may never return to work or enjoy the same standard of life again.

Costs to your company can also be significant, with medical treatment running into the millions of dollars. Your company may be tied up in expensive lawsuits with victims and their families. It’s not just people who get hurt: equipment can be damaged, requiring repair or replacement, and possibly causing the line or even the entire plant to shut down for a period of time.

Arc Blast Potentials

There’s also the potential for “arc blast,” an accompanying explosion generated from the rapidly expanding air and gases. The force of the blast has been known to cause concussions, lung collapse, and hearing loss. Any metal that is not vaporized is blown outward at high velocity as shrapnel, causing cuts and lacerations.

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